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A knoblike enlargement at the end of an axon, where it forms a synapse with other neurons.

[French, button, from Old French; see button.]


the enlarged part of a nerve fibre or cell which facilitates contact between nerves
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Upon her head boards, in large gilt letters, he read Bouton de Rose, --Rose-button, or Rose-bud; and this was the romantic name of this aromatic ship.
Then the house had been boldly planned with a ball-room, so that, instead of squeezing through a narrow passage to get to it (as at the Chiverses') one marched solemnly down a vista of enfiladed drawing- rooms (the sea-green, the crimson and the bouton d'or), seeing from afar the many-candled lustres reflected in the polished parquetry, and beyond that the depths of a conservatory where camellias and tree-ferns arched their costly foliage over seats of black and gold bamboo.
The B1 story by Derek Gentile quoted Bouton as saying the new stadium would have been "a Band-Aid over a tumor" and included responses from Mick and Mayor Sara Hathaway, Doyle's successor, denying a cover-up.
Former Major League Baseball pitcher Jim "Bulldog" Bouton, whose controversial memoir Ball Four still resonates among fans more than 30 years later for its revelations about the sordid lives of players, throws his latest fastball at a Massachusetts newspaper, claiming in a new book that the daily all but sabotaged his efforts to renovate a local ballpark.
THIRTY YEARS AGO JIM BOUTON had one of the best seasons of any pitcher in either league, hurling six shutouts en route to a 21-7 record that helped the Yankees reach the World Series for the fourth straight time.
The flower girls were Emily Alizabeth Duprey and Blake Madison Bouton.
The stakes were high long before they had nuclear weapons," says Marshall Bouton, a South Asia expert and president of the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations.
There are many efficient models of capitalism other than the American model," huffed Societe Generale CEO Daniel Bouton, who nonetheless allowed that the EU should change the decision-making process to allow harmonized product standards and regulations.
Bouton has put in an order for 50 more, which she estimates will last through Christmas.
Bouton is responsible for providing leadership and direction to the commercial fiber business.
With Spain's largest banking group Banco Santander Central Hispano (BSCH) raising its stake in the French high-street bank Societe Generale to 7%, the alliance will help shore up the protective group of core shareholders that Societe Generale Chairman Daniel Bouton has gathered around him, of which BSCH was already an important part.
42) Bouton suggests that men participated in defense of "their precariously balanced family economies" and due to their feminization, which had resulted from the breakdown of the sexual division of labor.