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n.1.An acidulated fermented drink of the Arabs and Egyptians, made from millet seed and various astringent substances; also, an intoxicating beverage made from hemp seed, darnel meal, and water.
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I thank Fernando Bouza for bringing this striking quotation to my attention.
Bouza, offer a variety of perspectives on issues from innovative policing strategies and promising new approaches for crime prevention to internal and external challenges to policing.
In a very similar vein, Anthony Bouza, a former chief of the Minneapolis police, observes that "the borders of action are laced with stretchable legal concepts like reasonable suspicion, probable cause, questionable circumstances, and articulable grounds.
There is a chorus of voices in contemporary culture decrying humanity's moral decline (Bork, 1996; Bouza, 1996; Fukuyama, 1999; Green, 1994).
As Fernando Bouza wrote, in the time of Cervantes or Shakespeare, "Images and speech remained present also in that specific realization of writing which is reading.
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Bouza y cols estudiaron la tasa de bacteriemias utilizando bioconectores frente al uso de tapones convencionales en CVC de pacientes ingresados en unidades de cuidados intensivos.
In the 100-meter hurdles, Fadwa Bouza won the gold medal, and Mariana Sukkar won the bronze medal in the same competition.
Out: Tom Rock (full-back), Tom Whittaker (full-back, Otley), Tom Biggs (winger, Leicester), Chris Hughes (winger, Doncaster), John Holtby (winger), Andy Rock (centre), Richard Vasey (fly-half, Moseley), Mike Aspinall (scrum-half), Darren Edwards (scrum-half, retired), Michael Cusack (prop, Doncaster), Colin Noon (prop, retired), James Parkes (hooker, Otley), Martin Schusterman (flanker), Sam Stitcher (flanker, Esher), Mark Lock (back row), Pablo Bouza (back row, retired), Max Lewis (No.
Tanzanian togwa [1], Ethiopian tella [22], Sudanese merissa [8], Zimbabwean mangisi [21] and Egyptian bouza [23].
Similarly, Bouza, the Minneapolis police chief, wrote (1990) that abortion is "arguably the only effective crime-prevention device adopted in this nation since the late 1960s.
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