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 (bo͝o-zo͞o′kē, bə-)
n. pl. bou·zou·kis
A Greek stringed instrument having a long fretted neck and usually pear-shaped body.

[Modern Greek mpouzoúki, from Turkish bozuk (saz), a kind of saz (literally, "broken saz"), from bozuk, broken (probably in reference to bozuk düzen, broken tuning, a kind of reentrant tuning often used on the saz and bouzouki); akin to Old Turkic buzuk, destroyed, spoiled, from buzmaq, to destroy, spoil.]


(Instruments) a Greek long-necked stringed musical instrument related to the mandolin
[C20: from Modern Greek mpouzouki, perhaps from Turkish büjük large]


(bʊˈzu ki)

n., pl. -kis.
a long-necked, fretted lute of modern Greece.
[1950–55; < Modern Greek mpouzoúki, of uncertain orig.]
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The Greek performers, together with Nick Protopapas on the guitar and vocals, and Theodore Xintaris who will also be on vocals and the bouzouki, will take us back in time and make us get up and dance to some good-old fashioned rembetika songs.
Also featuring Simon Nicol (guitar and lead vocals), Chris Leslie (fiddle, mandolin, bouzouki and lead vocals) and Gerry Conway (drums and percussion) the band has seen more than a few line-up changes over the years, but the change in personnel has contributed to both its longevity and success.
The line-up also features Donald Shaw on keyboards and accordion, flute, whistle and Uilleann pipes player Michael McGoldrick, fiddle player Charlie McKerron, guitar and bouzouki maestro from Donegal Manus Lunny, bass player Ewen Vernal and percussionists David Robertson and Che Beresford.
Next to Martin, in charge of guitar and mandolin, you will find an array of likeminded musicians including Dan Crisp on vocals, acoustic guitar and bouzouki, drummer George Lindsay and Richard Beesley on saxophone and clarinet.
Jefferson Hamer and Eamon O'Leary present traditional and original folk songs with close harmonies and deft instrumental arrangements on bouzouki, guitar and mandolin, a press release says.
300 Gems of Irish Music For All Instruments" is a widely varied, carefully sampled collection of familiar Irish tunes for traditional Irish instruments, including fiddle, flute, tin whistle, uilleann pipes, harp, button accordion, piano accordion, melodeon, concertina, harmonica, tenor banjo, mandolin, bouzouki, cittern, guitar and hammer dulcimer.
The group comprises vocals, accordion, fiddle, bouzouki, bass and percussion working together on Smith's original compositions that draw on a variety of influences from French Mazurka to Galician Muinera.
Performed by San Francisco talents Marla Fibish and Bruce Victor, who go by the team name "Noctambule", Travel in Shadows brings time-tested lyrics to fresh new life through the stirrings of guitars, mandolin, mandola, bouzouki, button accordion, and much more.
The instrumentation includes hurdy gurdy, fiddle, accordion, guitars, bouzouki, mandolin, piano and pretty much anything else to hand.
She will be performing live, accompanied by a bouzouki player, at Camelot Lounge in Adliya, tonight, from 9.
While at the festival he hung out with Scots trio Biffy Clyro and jammed with his bouzouki, a Greek folk guitar.
The comic, musician, bird-spotter and self-confessed Qualmpeddler will helped along by religious dubstep, his folk bouzouki, horntallica, a re-appraisal of some of the world's greatest works of art and perhaps a dub version of Downton Abbey.