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Including a wonderful brass section to beef up a traditional acoustic core, Bellowhead features a stunning array of instruments; from fiddles and concertinas to frying pans, bouzoukis and banjos to flugelhorn and tuba and oboes to wind-up toys, not to mention fine vocals.
At times she was backed by an impressive band, showing a staggeringly versatile range with guitars, double bass, bouzoukis and melodians.
Dave Pegg and PJ Wright, Norwegian Church Arts Centre, Cardiff, Thursday Fairport Conventioneer Pegg and folkie mainstay Wright bring their guitars, bouzoukis, mandolin, dobros, harmonicas and bass to the fore.
To his trademark breathy flute add an arsenal of traditional instruments from bouzoukis to balalaikas on a setlist ranging from Fat Man (taken from 1969 debut album Stand Up) to a 2007 reworking of One Brown Mouse.