bowel movement

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bowel movement

1. The discharge of waste matter from the large intestine; defecation.
2. The waste matter discharged from the large intestine; feces.

bowel movement

1. (Physiology) the discharge of faeces; defecation
2. (Physiology) the waste matter discharged; faeces

bow′el move`ment

the evacuation of the bowels; defecation.
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Noun1.bowel movement - a euphemism for defecation; "he had a bowel movement"
euphemism - an inoffensive or indirect expression that is substituted for one that is considered offensive or too harsh
defecation, laxation, shitting - the elimination of fecal waste through the anus
إفْراغُ المَعِدَه، تغوّط
vyprázdňovanie stolice
aptese çıkmak


(ˈbauəl) noun
1. (usually in plural) the part of the digestive system below the stomach; the intestines. The surgeon removed part of her bowel.
2. (in plural) the inside of something, especially when deep. the bowels of the earth.
ˈbowel movement noun
an act of emptying the bowels.

bowel movement (BM)

n (act) defecación f (form), evacuación f (del intestino); (stool) heces fpl (form), popó (fam), caca (esp. ped, fam or vulg), deposición f (Esp, SA; form), evacuación f excremento; — — painful defecación or evacuación dolorosa, dolor cuando va al baño; to have a — — defecar (form), ir al baño, hacer del baño (Mex), dar del cuerpo (Carib), hacer del cuerpo (SA), hacer popó (fam), hacer caca (esp. ped, fam or vulg); When was the last time you had a bowel movement?..¿Cuándo fue la última vez que defecó (fue al baño, etc.)?
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In addition, despite the lower baseline bowel movement frequency than in TELESTAR, telotristat etiprate achieved statistically significant reductions in daily bowel movement frequency over the 12 weeks of the study (p=0.
The pain and other symptoms will often get mild after a bowel movement or be triggered when there is a change in how often you have bowel movements.
Almost one-quarter of the patients had episodes where the device was displaced "upward into the anal canal," but was expelled with the next bowel movement, she said.
Major finding: Treatment with nalox-egol was associated with a significantly shorter time to first spontaneous bowel movement, a significantly greater number of spontaneous bowel movements, and an increase in the mean number of days per week with one or more spontaneous bowel movements, compared with placebo.
In the pilot study, the vibrating capsule was found to nearly double the weekly bowel movements of patients suffering from chronic idiopathic constipation (CIC) and constipation predominant irritable bowel syndrome (C-IBS).
If you've ever noticed bright red blood on toilet tissue or in the bowl after a bowel movement, chances are it is a small tear in the rim of the anus.
If necessary, dried fruits (soaked figs or prunes) can be taken in the morning to enhance the bowel movement.
In general, an initial dose produces a bowel movement within 24 to 48 hours.
Some persons might feel the urge to have a bowel movement but be unable to control it before they can get to a bathroom.
Experts agree that older people often worry too much about having a bowel movement every day.
He advised patients to have three meals a day, a good night's sleep and regular exercise to maintain healthy bowel movement.
Colorful cartoon characters use simple language to teach youngsters how to recognize the body's signs that it is ready to urinate or produce a bowel movement, and how to develop hygienic toilet skills such as proper wiping and hand washing.