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1. Having an outward-curving front: a bowfront bureau.
2. Designed or constructed with a bow window in front: a bowfront house.


having a front that curves outwards


having a horizontally convex front, as a piece of furniture.
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Adj.1.bowfront - having an outward curving front; "a bowfront dresser"; "a bowfront house"
rounded - curving and somewhat round in shape rather than jagged; "low rounded hills"; "rounded shoulders"
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Black is back, in a sexy bowfront chest at Wisteria, on walls (Noir is Pratt & Lambert's color of the year) and in Pottery Barn's new Stinson bedroom furniture with curly, barley-twist details.
At the top end of the market are designs such as the Georgian bowfront barometer, one of the most desirable forms developed during the 18th century.
There is plenty of yellow packing the shelves but my particular favourite is this elegant bowfront dress - a wise buy at pounds 45.