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Based on the central tenets of intersectionality theory (see Bilge 2009; Bowleg 2008; Davis 2008; Hankivsky and Cormier 2009), we posit that while examining immigrant/refugee experiences, it is important to pay attention to how social categories such as race, class, gender, age, geography, immigrant status, ethnicity, and so on intersect to shape participants' experiences.
5) See for a discussion on the methodology of intersectionality for example Bowleg (2008) and McCall's (2005) analysis.
The process of internalizing anti-working-class prescriptions is even more pronounced in his encounter with Sir Joseph Bowleg who says:
Billy Bowlegs (Holata Micco) was among the first indigenous peoples to be photographed while on a trip to New York in 1852 and 1858 before and after the third war of 1855-58, also known as Bowleg's War.
Pole Mountain also offers optional Bowleg extensions that allow vertical use with non-parallel limb bows.
Low educational levels are associated with an increase in vulnerability and risk resulting from fewer life opportunities, poor nutrition and hygiene, higher mortality, lower fertility rates and lower economic development (Kongolo & Bamgose, 2002:86; Bowleg, Belgrave & Reisen, 2000:614).
General practitioners are often asked to assess bowleg and knock-knee deformities in infants, children and adolescents.
Bowleg L, Lucas KL and Tschann JM, "The ball was always in his court": an exploratory analysis of relationship scripts, sexual scripts, and condom use among African American women, Psychology of Women Quarterly, 2004, 28(1):70-82.
Gender roles that accord higher status and more permissiveness for males and passivity for females can have a negative impact on the sexual health of women if they are unable to protect themselves against unintended pregnancy or STD/HIV infection (Amaro and Raj, 2000; Bowleg et al, 2000; Castaneda, 2000).
HB 4008, Public Act 471 (1988), Cited in Bowleg (1994).
Lisa Bowleg, an associate professor in the School of Public Health at Drexel University and one of the study's authors, said in a news release that while the men's resilience is "admirable" communities and governments must do more to help them.
While these two points are close, about two miles south of the river, Bowlegs Point is about six miles farther south, near the Pepperfish Keys.