bowline knot

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Noun1.Bowline knot - a loop knot that neither slips nor jamsbowline knot - a loop knot that neither slips nor jams
loop knot - any of various knots used to make a fixed loop in a rope
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Amid renewed growling and another futile attempt to free himself, Numa was finally forced to submit to the further indignity of having a rope secured about his neck; but this time it was no noose that might tighten and strangle him; but a bowline knot, which does not tighten or slip under strain.
Complete the system by clipping the line and float to the anchor line through pre-tied or spliced loops, or fasten it directly to the anchor line with a bowline knot.
Experts said he had probably used a bowline knot rather than a figure of eight, which was more likely to slip unless a stopper knot was tied, the inquest heard.
I tied a loose bowline knot around pole #2 with the box secured on top and pulled it all up vertical next to pole #11 had stuck in the barrel.
Here, firemen Cyril Beever, Walter Kaye and Ronald Cartwright practise tying a bowline knot.