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A firm cardboard for making boxes.


(General Engineering) a tough paperboard made from wood and wastepaper pulp: used for making boxes, etc


(ˈbɒksˌbɔrd, -ˌboʊrd)

cardboard used for making cartons.
[1835–45, Amer.]
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The Organisations require a call-off framework for supply & deliver of archival boxboard and associated goods & services as detailed below.
The comapny serves the four principal recycled boxboard product end-use segments: tubes and cores; folding cartons; gypsum facing paper and specialty paperboard products.
Jesus Fernandez said the blaze at the Boxboard Container factory on Obrero, Barangay Bagumbayan, started around 9 p.
Based on Type, the market is classified into Corrugated Box, Flexible Paper Packaging and Boxboard.
The winner of the Sustainability Award, De Beukelaer's ChocOle chocolate sticks, printed by Van Genechten, was made of Metsa Board's Simcote folding boxboard.
Using a combination of vacuum and clamping technology, a robotic layer picking system features new tooling that can pick up to 95% of consumer products, including corrugate or boxboard cases, shrink wrap products, bottles, tubs and open trays.
Goldman Sachs' analysts pointed out that Mayr-Melnhof is a producer of folding boxboard, a segment for which they expect a rise in demand surpassing the overall economic growth in the next five years.
1 June 2010 - Indian credit rating agency CRISIL rated yesterday at BB- with a "stable" outlook and at P4+ various bank facilities of local folding boxboard cartons maker VFC Industries Pvt Ltd.
will permanently cease production of uncoated recycled boxboard at its Carolina Paperboard mill in Charlotte, NC.
Michelman offers the VaporCoat [R] Series of recyclable, water-based moisture barrier coatings designed for a range of substrates including specialty light-weight papers, folding cartons, boxboard grades, and lineboard used in corrugated packaging.
The VaporCoat series of coatings from Michelman are recyclable, water-based moisture barrier coatings designed for a wide range of substrates including specialty lightweight papers, folding carton, boxboard grades and linerboard used in corrugated packaging.
Caraustar Industries has closed its recycled boxboard mill in Lafayette, Ind.