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Adj.1.boxlike - resembling a box in rectangularity
cubic, three-dimensional - having three dimensions
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Sake is also poured in boxlike wooden cups made from hinoki or sugi wood called masu.
The outside appearance skews conservative yet businesslike with circular wheel wells, chrome trim surround side windows and a boxlike silhouette.
Jonathan Ovivir, utilized the 'carromata'-a light, two-wheeled, boxlike vehicle similar to the 'calesa'-as its belen.
Clear cell papillary (tubulopapillary) RCCs are positive for CAIX; however, unlike clear cell RCC, the positivity is "cuplike" with an absence of staining toward the lumen (clear cell RCC shows boxlike positivity, with positivity on all sides of the cells, including luminal staining).
Also on display was Shudder, a looped video shown on a large monitor set horizontally into the top of a boxlike pedestal.
In 2011, Sony proudly devoted three pages on its website to how the FS100 had been designed, referring to it as a "cylinder + box theme" and stating that, with the addition of the eyepiece, it took on a symbolic shape overall with video signals "funneled" from a cylindrical lens into a boxlike body in the middle and then funneled out through the cylindrical eyepiece.
Peering at a slice of cork through a scope much like the one below right, Hooke noticed small, boxlike partitions that he called cells (drawing at right).
Parts of the area were recently compared to Brazilian favelas after boxlike extensions were built to cram more students into standard family homes.
So, the late 18th and early 19th century houses that fronted Main Street were replaced by boxlike, squat structures, like the Butman Block, that fit the basic economic needs of the time.
Homes of the future will look similar to the homes of today; people will likely continue to live in boxlike houses.
Apudeius designed The Golden Ass as a Silenus box, and appropriately he included other box motifs that are central to the novel in a number of analogous ways: the inverted Silenus box that is used to tempt and entrance Psyche; the various ritual boxes and boxlike private places that are used, respectively, to contain and enact the secrets of the Isiac rite in book eleven; and, most inclusively, the box-within-box or tale-within-a-tale narrative structure of the Milesian stories.