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Adj.1.boxlike - resembling a box in rectangularity
cubic, three-dimensional - having three dimensions
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Peering at a slice of cork through a scope much like the one below right, Hooke noticed small, boxlike partitions that he called cells (drawing at right).
Parts of the area were recently compared to Brazilian favelas after boxlike extensions were built to cram more students into standard family homes.
So, the late 18th and early 19th century houses that fronted Main Street were replaced by boxlike, squat structures, like the Butman Block, that fit the basic economic needs of the time.
Apudeius designed The Golden Ass as a Silenus box, and appropriately he included other box motifs that are central to the novel in a number of analogous ways: the inverted Silenus box that is used to tempt and entrance Psyche; the various ritual boxes and boxlike private places that are used, respectively, to contain and enact the secrets of the Isiac rite in book eleven; and, most inclusively, the box-within-box or tale-within-a-tale narrative structure of the Milesian stories.
This spindle configuration in the shape of a twisted rectangle with boxlike poles appears to be the fundamental spindle type of marchantioids.
As these arrangements increase among absentee owners, and as local developers continue indiscriminately to build boxlike buildings for students, residential attractions of the South University Neighborhood erode further.
When a man does, after a walk so long that it takes 37 seconds of screen time (thus redefining this cold modern world's new temporal and spatial gulfs between people), he ushers Hulot into a glassed-off, boxlike waiting-room where a more confident, snappy, younger Hulot lookalike soon waits, too.
Anyone using a laptop computer will be familiar with the boxlike object attached to the AC adaptor--that's a power electronics system.
I started making these pieces that were very boxlike.
And its carrying capacity (1,600 litres of luggage space) is considerably in excess of any of its more boxlike rivals such as the Golf or Focus too.
The heart of the little bookkeeper was heavy and dark as she entered the long, boxlike building of the morgue.
The scepter had a trapezoidal, boxlike chamber, superbly crafted of sheet gold.