boy scout

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Boy Scout

1. A member of a worldwide organization of young men and boys, founded in England in 1908 for character development and citizenship training.
2. often boy scout Slang One whose attitudes and behavior are morally upright and often naive.

boy scout

1. See Scout
2. informal US and Canadian an apparently virtuous and innocent person

boy′ scout`

(sometimes caps.) a member of an organization of boys (Boy′ Scouts`), having as its goals the development of self-reliance and usefulness to others.
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Noun1.boy scout - a boy who is a member of the Boy ScoutsBoy Scout - a boy who is a member of the Boy Scouts
Boy Scouts - an international (but decentralized) movement started in 1908 in England with the goal of teaching good citizenship to boys
Cub Scout - a junior Boy Scout
Eagle Scout - a Boy Scout who has earned many merit badges
scouter, rover - an adult member of the Boy Scouts movement
Scout - a Boy Scout or Girl Scout
Sea Scout - a Boy Scout enrolled in programs for water activities
2.boy scout - a man who is considered naive
inexperienced person, innocent - a person who lacks knowledge of evil
References in classic literature ?
He was conducted by a boy scout into a room on the second floor of the War Office, within a few minutes of his arrival.
You can show Captain Granet in," he told the boy scout who answered it.
LaserLyte continued its support of the Boy Scouts of America, this time at the 2014 Boy Scout Sporting Clays Invitational, held in November at the Quail Creek Plantation in Florida.
More than 70 percent of Boy Scout troops across the country are sponsored by religious organizations.
The Gallup data reveal that being a Boy Scout is modestly related to higher average levels of educational attainment.
If successful, the model could be followed at the over 400 Boy Scout camps across the nation.
The mural was commissioned by the Detroit Area Boy Scout Council in honor of the Boy Scout centennial, and 14 road teams will be delivering copies of the mural to each of the 300 Boy Scout councils in the lower 48 states.
It also does not resolve the $2 million budget the military spends every four years to prepare a base for the Boy Scout Jamboree.
British Boy Scout founder Lord Robert Baden-Powell attended, as did Ernest Thompson Seton, who was named Head Scout.
Despite the silence of Boy Scout literature on matters of sexuality (beyond early warnings against masturbation), similar intransigence shaped the BSA's legal fight since 1980 to bar homosexuals.
The decision by California's Fourth District Court of Appeal upheld a trial court's ruling that enjoined a local Boy Scout council from excluding twin 11-year-old boys, Michael and William Randall, from participating in scouting activities on the basis of their religious beliefs.