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n. pl. boy·os Chiefly Irish and Welsh
A boy or man. Used especially as a form of address.

[boy + -o.]


informal Brit a boy or young man: often used in direct address
[from Irish and Welsh]



1. a boy or youth; young man.
2. chap; fellow (used as a familiar term of address).
[1250–1300; Middle English ladde, of obscure orig.; compare late Old English Ladda (nickname)]
lad′dish, adj.
lad′hood, n.


[ˈbɔɪəʊ] N (Brit) (often in direct address) → joven m, muchacho m


interj (Welsh) → Junge m
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Twice in the past few days I've heard this Knight of the Realm give us a radio lecture on the Easter Rising and how it was Yeats and not the boyos in the GPO who won our freedom.
Elsewhere, Cardiff Boyos were 3-0 up by the end of the first half against Radyr Rangers thanks to goals from Hywel Lewis, Lee Matthews and skipper Connor Bickford.
BOYOS GATE Z Italian Andrea Pirlo used the Murray Park facilities and now the Welsh flag could fly over Gers' HQ
Wales 0 England 2 ENGLAND blew away Wales in 14 minutes - after being inspired by the boos of the boyos.
Done well for themselves, these boyos from the Northern Irish slums, haven't they?
We mere mortals not only have to bear the cost of the Royal Family, and the 24-7 party-on lifestyle of soldier boyos Princes William and Harry, they have to pay tax at whatever rate the Government of the day decrees.
Take a good look for in the years ahead you will encounter many No Good Boyos and you must, at all costs, give them a very wide berth, otherwise if one evening you drag one in through the cat flap your father will go bananas.
Do we not hear citizens of the North sometimes referring to our South Wales cousins as Boyos or Taffies?
And if that is his definition of a Welsh boyo, then I am sorry - I would rather our Welsh boyos than a whinger like him.
HOME boyos the GLC will be visiting the Carling Academy, Birmingham, next week to play their own DJ set.
Given the way pro-snooping laws are proliferating, architects can now expect regular visits from the security boyos.
It was a convincing performance against an under-strength Boyos team, with solid performances from the whole team, especially Lucas Clarke and Callum Jones in defence.