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 (brā′kē-ə-sôr′, brăk′ē-)
[From New Latin Brāchiosaurus, genus name; see brachiosaurus.]


(ˈbreɪ ki əˌsɔr, ˈbræk i-)

a sauropod dinosaur of the genus Brachiosaurus, having nostrils on a knob above the eyes and a sloping, massive body, and reaching a length of about 80 ft. (24 m).
[< New Latin Brachiosaurus (1903)]
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They discovered that the animals had almost exactly 21 percent more body mass than the minimum skeletal 'skin and bone' wrap volume, and applied this to a giant Brachiosaur skeleton in Berlin's Museum fur Naturkunde.
Indeed, the smallest gun I think might deliver enough shock for a brachiosaur to notice would be a Civil War field piece loaded with solid shot.
A brachiosaur tooth found in South Korean sediments represents the first evidence that this huge, plant-eating dinosaur once roamed Asia, say the researchers who dug up the tooth.
A meteor shower drives him and his family away from their home and they hook up with a herd of dinos - including Baylene, the elderly Brachiosaur (voiced by Dame Joan Plowright) - who are making their way across a desert to the "nesting grounds".
Baylene is a brachiosaur from times gone by, an elegant aristocrat and the last of her kind.
Two relentless carnotaurs (meaner T-Rexs) keep threatening to attack, and the slower, older dinosaurs, such as the bulky brachiosaur Baylene (Joan Plowright) and her styrachosaur pal Eema (Della Reese) also have raptors nipping at their hindquarters.
3) A brachiosaur named Baylene towers over a group that includes Aladar (an iguanodon), Eema (a styrachosaur) and Url (an anklysaur) in ``Dinosaur.
Grudgingly allowed to join the group by its gruff leader Kron, himself an iguanodon, Aladar and the lemurs bring up the rear with the enormous and slow-moving brachiosaur Baylene and the armor-heavy, sassy styrachosaur Eema.
The model for the little boy riding on top of the brachiosaur was Jim's son Dan.
A primitive beast will find itself relocated to civilized terrain, and inevitably will run amok there, like the unfortunate brachiosaur displaced to London in The Lost World, or the tyrannosaurus who ends up at a Wild West show in the amusing Valley of Gwangi, or, of course, King Kong, in his brief engagement in Depression-era Manhattan.
Each level challenges the player to survive -- whether avoiding the earth-pounding feet of the two-ton Brachiosaur or doing battle with larger predators and human antagonists.
According to a report by ABC News, Qiaowanlong kangxii, is the first Early Cretaceous brachiosaur ever found in China.