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v. bragged, brag·ging, brags
To talk or write about oneself in a proud or self-impressed way. See Synonyms at boast1.
To say (something about oneself) boastfully.
1. A boast.
2. Arrogant or boastful speech.
3. Games A card game similar to poker.
adj. brag·ger, brag·gest
Exceptionally fine.

[Middle English braggen, from brag, ostentatious.]

brag′ger n.
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Noun1.bragger - a very boastful and talkative personbragger - a very boastful and talkative person
egoist, egotist, swellhead - a conceited and self-centered person


One given to boasting:
Informal: blowhard.
Slang: blower.
References in classic literature ?
he is a prodigious bragger about any small matter like this now; well, to think that ‘Duke has killed a buck before Christmas
I know that the Connecticut settlers talk about their West Herfield meeting-house; but I never believe more than half what they say, they are such unconscionable braggers.
But about the truth of this we do not know, for Ben was a bragger and a swaggerer.
recorded Bragger Daniel Jones and, right, Brian Reader, who pulled out of raid
I don't recall," shrugged George, "you're not really a bragger, Carter.
Deeming himself a proud bragger and eagerly waiting for War with Bugs to commence, Santhosh said, "We wouldn't deny this being a part of building our brand but at the same time War with Bugs is a way for us to know how much testers out there love exploring and innovating.
Dayton bragged further -- the man was an unrepentant bragger -- that during the dreadful Gaza war the year before, in December and January, the West Bank remained quiet, though many had predicted an upsurge of violence by Palestinians to show support for their compatriots in Gaza subjected to a murderous assault by the Israeli military -- a quiet achieved, all thanks to his 'new men.
Hildegard Bragger Trust of Montana and Gerke Excavating LLC of Tomah, Wis.
See Jennifer Cunningham & Therese Macan, Effects of Applicant Pregnancy on Hiring Decisions and Interview Ratings, 57 SEX ROLES 497 (2007); Bragger et al.
Bragger and Rice note that textbooks are used "for curriculum design, for lesson planning, as a basis for assessment, and perhaps too often, to define their [instructors'] approach to teaching" (2000, p.
Valerie Sessa and Jennifer Bragger are associate professors in industrial and organizational psychology at Montclair State University, Montclair, N.
Bragging about "never losing a battle" is simply an indication that the bragger doesn't understand war.