brain surgeon

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Noun1.brain surgeon - someone who does surgery on the nervous system (especially the brain)
operating surgeon, sawbones, surgeon - a physician who specializes in surgery
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I am not a brain surgeon, just an ex-player and a keen supporter who thinks that if the wearing of a scrum cap offers even a tiny bit of protection then George North should be made to wear one on his return.
This apparently draconian system was very effective and the school produced many talented men from a top brain surgeon, nuclear scientists, space scientists, university professors around the world, army generals and Olympic athletics medal winners.
A BRAIN surgeon sexually assaulted 10 female patients, a court heard yesterday.
Professional photographer Amina learns from her somewhat unreliable mother that her father, brain surgeon Thomas Eapen, has be talking to deceased relatives.
Top brain surgeon Paul May was using the fruit at The Walton Centre, which opened its doors for the day.
Dilek TE-zE-n who works in the brain surgeon unit of the hospital.
A LYING brain surgeon who falsely told a patient he had removed her tumour was struck off yesterday.
Ignorance because, according to an IT intelligence professor and a brain surgeon researcher, the brain is not meant to be used for excess memory.
The series finale quickly presents what happens after Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) gets shot by the Brain Surgeon.
EMELI SANDE 02 ACADEMY, 16-18 HORSEFAIR, BRISTOL ST, BIRMINGHAM B1 1DB TUESDAY / WEDNESDAY |EMELI Sande got half way though medical training that could have led to her becoming a brain surgeon - but then she decided to become a full-time singer instead.
The pioneering brain surgeon, who has successfully controlled tremors in thousands of movement disorder patients, is now performing his minimally invasive implantations at DISC Surgery Center at Newport Beach.
MONROE, James Nesbitt's hit drama about a charismatic brain surgeon impressed millions when it debuted last year.