brain tumor

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Noun1.brain tumor - a tumor in the brain
neoplasm, tumor, tumour - an abnormal new mass of tissue that serves no purpose
glioblastoma, spongioblastoma - a fast-growing malignant brain tumor composed of spongioblasts; nearly always fatal
glioma - a tumor of the brain consisting of neuroglia
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About the American Brain Tumor Association Headquartered in Chicago, the American Brain Tumor Association was the first national organization committed to funding brain tumor research and providing compassionate outreach to patients and caregivers coping with a brain tumor diagnosis.
The blood vessels that form to nourish a growing brain tumor apparently secrete the receptors chemokine.
Images and tables highlight important concepts and summarize key aspects of assessment, clinical presentation, diagnostic imaging, and management of complications related to radiation therapy, corticosteroids, and chemotherapy in the care of the pediatric patient with a brain tumor.
QUETTA -- World Brain Tumor Day was observed on Friday across the world including Pakistan with the aim to disperse awareness to public regarding this unknown disease.
We are proud to help cultivate future scientists who are interested in pursuing a career in brain tumor research," said ABTA Chief Science Officer Nicole Willmarth, PhD.
National Brain Tumor Society is the largest nonprofit organization dedicated to the brain tumor community in the United States.
Overview of Brain Tumor Epidemiology and Histopathology.
Breeana was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor on July 9, had surgery the next day and died July 12.
After surgery to remove the tumor, the GliaSite RTS balloon catheter is placed inside the space left by the removal of the malignant brain tumor.
Taking a different approach, he and his colleagues separated brain tumor samples into individual cells.
Among urban-dwelling users of cell phones, the odds ratio of developing a brain tumor was 0.
Of the brain tumor patients, 151 had meningioma, 355 had glioma (a cancer that grows from glial cells in the brain), and 67 had acoustic neuroma (a tumor of the auditory nerve).