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A small, hairlike, parasitic roundworm that infects the meninges surrounding the brain of large hoofed animals, usually members of the deer family.
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Brainworm larvae then hatch out in the new host and work their way through the body.
Based on the gathered data, biologists hope to better understand the cause of death of Vermont's moose, be it predation by coyotes or bears, brainworm infections or stress caused by winter tick infestation.
So, some areas have fewer ticks, but also show increased moose mortality probably from higher deer numbers and higher incidence of brainworm.
magna may interact with other pathogens such as brainworm (Parela-phostronglyus tenuis), Echinococccus spp.
Tony Macaroni's brainworm marketing is genius and their radio ads are so annoyingly infectious they make the Welsh opera singer from Go Compare sound like Sam Smith on Valium.
He was infected with the brainworm when he unleashed it on the country.
The play ends in classical fashion as all the characters go in to supper and in the first version Doctor Clement rewards the clever servant Musco, later rechristened Brainworm, by making him lord of the feast and dressing him in the robes of a justice.
The classic example involves a parasitic brainworm that burrows into the head of an ant, causing it to climb toward the most exposed portions of leaves and blades of grass until a cow, the worm's ultimate host, consumes it.
That moment when you realise your 10 denier tights have ripped and you haven't got a spare pair is now a tightmare, while the song you can't get out of your head is a brainworm.
And this erasure of their personality, while it lightens Truewit's task, robs the scene of the kind of richness that Jonson achieves when disguised characters like Brainworm or Volpone play themselves at the same time that they are posing as begging soldiers or traveling charlatans.
I guess the biggest concern that we've got--and one that we don't really have any control over--is the potential for the meningeal worm, or the brainworm, to cause a problem," Maehr said.