brake failure

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Noun1.brake failure - brakes fail to stop a vehicle
equipment failure, breakdown - a cessation of normal operation; "there was a power breakdown"
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They also suspected a brake failure from poor maintenance.
The cause of the accident is yet to be established but there are allegations of brake failure," he said on phone.
Maku attributed the accident to brake failure and explained that his men were at the scene of the accident about five minutes after it occurred.
When the driver experiences brake failure on a descent and cannot engage a lower gear to slow down the truck becomes an unstoppable missile with momentum building up as the length increases.
Summary: Sindhuli [Nepal], November 6 (ANI): Four people died and seven others were injured after a jeep they were travelling in skidded off the road and fell some 100 metres down due to brake failure last night at Tarkenibasi in Nepal's Fikkal Rural Municipality-4 of Sindhuli district.
5 owing to brake failure the bus capsized on the road.
A VETERAN racer was crushed to death when his kit car suffered total brake failure, accelerated backwards down a steep hill, crashed and flipped over.
According to police sources, a Karachi-bound speedy passenger bus was on its way as it plunged into gorge after its brake failure.
A source at Damascus Police Command told SANA's reporter that the truck driver lost control of the vehicle due to a brake failure which led to the vehicle being run off the road, killing of two persons and injuring 10 others, in addition to causing damage to 16 cars, some of which were severely damaged.
Report said the truck driver lost control of the vehicle due to brake failure.
After finishing his stint, Hoy described it as loads of fun, adding that the stand-out moment was brake failure going into the last turn.
TAP) - A brake failure is the cause of the accident that occurred Wednesday in Khmouda, delegation of Foussana (Kasserine), and no link to terrorism has been established, the Interior Ministry said on Wednesday.