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A migratory finch (Fringilla montifringilla) of northern Eurasia, having black, white, and rust-brown plumage.

[Probably from Old English *bræmbling : bræmbel, bramble + -ling, one connected with; see -ling1.]


(Animals) a Eurasian finch, Fringilla montifringilla, with a speckled head and back and, in the male, a reddish brown breast and darker wings and tail
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Noun1.brambling - Eurasian finchbrambling - Eurasian finch      
finch - any of numerous small songbirds with short stout bills adapted for crushing seeds
Fringilla, genus Fringilla - type genus of the Fringillidae: chaffinch, brambling
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Herons, woodcock, reed bunting, lesser redpoll, snipe were all recorded, while numbers of brambling, siskin and goldfinches also increased.
Of those species surveyed the worst performers are snipe, meadow pipit, brambling, willow tit, lapwing, thrush, nightingale, wood warbler, nutcracker, northern wheatear and lesser spotted woodpecker.
One thing I had wanted to see was our wintering birds on their summering grounds and I caught up with quite a few including waxwing, smew, brambling and many fieldfare.
Mr Holey's dad Alec, of Brambling Close, Norton told the inquest his son would occasionally phone him but did not often visit.
Brambling still remained at a few sites with 50 still near the entrance to Llyn Brenig, Conwy.
A brilliant flock of 27 brambling were feeding in a crop field near the entrance to Llyn Brenig visitor centre, Conwy.
In winter months look out for red squirrels and a variety of birds including Brambling, Redwings and flocks of Crossbills.
8% ABV): A brown ale brewed with a hop combination of Fuggles and Brambling Cross to encourage an aroma of hedgerow fruits.
A little gull was seen at Llyn Coron while brambling, hen harrier and merlin were all near Newborough on Anglesey.
Kenneth Barley, 28, of Brambling Lea, Bedlington, and Big Issue sellers Lisa Tompsett, 34, and Shaun Cackett, 37, both of Shipley Place, Byker, were given 12-month drug treatment and testing orders, and all given Asbos.
In just a few days we saw 17 species, including our first-ever brambling and birds like starling and carrion crow, which are unusual visitors to our garden.
Among the birds found were three brambling, a rare and protected species of Scandinavian finch, as well as three yellowhammers, eight siskins and a chaffinch.