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(ˈbræŋ ki ɪt, -ˌeɪt)

having gills.
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Adj.1.branchiate - provided with gills; "a gilled tadpole"
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Two new branchiate scale-worms (Polynoidae: Polychaeta) from the hydrothermal vent of the Okinawa Trough and the volcanic seamount off Chichijima Island.
Palps short; about same length as adjacent branchiate and densely ciliated on frontal surface one pair of thick, ciliated branchiae inserted just posterior to palps.
The now classic descriptions by Powers (1907) of tiger salamander phenotypes encompass branchiate cannibal and typical morphs, including both larvae and paedotypic animals (terminology of intraspecific heterochrony following Reilly et al.
3A), first two pairs very small, first obvious pair on chaetiger 9; finger-like, individual branchiae not meeting at dorsal midline; 15 branchiate chaetigers in holotype, 6-12 in paratypes, in specimens with 40 to 60 chaetigers, number of branchiate chaetigers generally proportional to total number of chaetigers (Fig.