branding iron

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brand·ing iron

An iron that is heated and used to mark the skin, as to indicate identity or ownership.

brand′ing i′ron

a long-handled metal rod with a stamp at one end, used for branding livestock with a recognized symbol.
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Noun1.branding iron - implement used to brand live stockbranding iron - implement used to brand live stock  
implement - instrumentation (a piece of equipment or tool) used to effect an end

branding iron

[ˈbrændɪŋˌaɪən] Nhierro m (de marcar)

branding iron

nBrandeisen nt
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There on the flesh of the forearm was a circle with a triangle within it, deep and red, as the branding iron had left it.
The Branding Iron Hot Dip on the appetisers section at BD3.
The branding iron used to caramelise it burned the college coat of arms into the sugar.
Someone also suggested the use of branding iron, like the one used in marking cattle.
Taking a specially prepared branding iron, Dorr--himself a slaveowner-- took about 30 seconds to imprint an SS onto Walker's open palm.
If we did recruit modern Mounties they should wear cowboy hats and be able to roll a cigarette one-handed while in the saddle like Clint Eastwood when he was Rowdy Yates, be expert in the use of a lasso to hogtie and hang upside down from trees litter louts, carry a Winchester 73 in case of attack by Apaches (you never know round Marsden) and a branding iron to use on sheep rustlers as a warning to stay away from Wild West Yorkshire - and on flashers.
earnshaw, who also rode Whitbread Gold Cup winner by The Way and the ill-fated branding iron for Feather, grew up just a couple of miles down the road and said: "she was a massive influence on my career.
Whitman was recognized with the highest honors for Man of the Year, Branding Iron of the Year and Community Award for Outstanding Service.
Even the name of local newspaper, the Laramie Branding Iron, fits the image.
My spine is his branding iron that sears red-hot through
If you wear out lots of stamps because you build lots of WPM, order a branding iron from the USAMC LOGSA PSCC.