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Noun1.brandy glass - a globular glass with a small topbrandy glass - a globular glass with a small top; used for serving brandy
drinking glass, glass - a container for holding liquids while drinking
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Some say if you get a sparrow to do its business in a brandy glass, swill it around and knock it back, you'll be right as rain.
bottle of Torres 10 Gran Reserva with a brandy glass.
Forget 1,000 brown M&Ms in a brandy glass, it seems that if you want to win friends among the world's biggest musicians, towels are your best bet.
She ended up throwing a coffee over him, while he responded by tossing the contents of his brandy glass in her face, before his bodyguard Dai woke up and, assuming his boss was being attacked, pinned one of the cabin crew to the floor and refused to get off him until the plane landed.
And while I'd place Benedict Cumberbatch higher on any list of actors who have slipped into the brogues of Basil Rathbone, I would say that Downey Jr does a fine job of portraying an eccentric - he sips formaldehyde (embalming fluid) from a crystal brandy glass - scruffy, unshaven Holmes.
He is also the creator of the Pierpont column in which he assumes the identity of a crusty old clubman who surveys the financial world and its scandals through the bottom of a brandy glass at the Croesus Club.
Add lemon juice, a brandy glass of Kirsch and water until you reach 500ml /18fl oz.
A slice of Italian pannetone or Parisian-style macaroons will taste even more wicked if you reach for a brandy glass.
Nick tries to play the game but is way out of his depth in the vicious warfare the marriage of George and Martha has become, while sweet Honey has her own secret hidden at the bottom of a brandy glass.
In years to come, the hacks who have covered the Rise and Fall of Jose Mourinho at Chelsea Football Club will nod into the brandy glass and agree that it was a great time to be around.
The topless model from South Shields lost a tooth when a former friend plunged a brandy glass into her cheek.
Traditionally, Armagnac is served in a brandy glass at the end of a meal; it is often paired with chocolate, fruit desserts, coffee, and cigars.