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1. A noisy or confused quarrel.
2. A drinking spree; a binge.

[Probably from the name Brannigan.]


1. a noisy quarrel
2. slang US a drinking spree


(ˈbræn ɪ gən)

1. a carousal.
2. a brawl.
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A drinking bout:
Slang: bat, bender, booze, jag, tear.
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David Brannigan, 36, had grown annoyed after failing to get an appointment with a NHS consultant to look at a growth on his brain.
Cars in the way has also been the excuse - very strange how the general waste bins get emptied every week and they have no problem with parked cars Gail Brannigan Gail Brannigan I'm fed up of walking half way down my street to find my bin when they empty it and to top it off someone has pinched my blue bin this week.
BAFTA-WINNING actor Paul Brannigan yesterday urged young Scots to get creative to steer clear of knife crime.
United's managing director Mal Brannigan says the Blades have not given up hope of keeping the 21-year-old.
com , a lessor of land, facilities, and equipment to the medical marijuana industry announced that after careful consideration, the board has recommended that Marc Brannigan should step down as acting CEO and board member of the company.
THE ANGELS' SHARE (15) CAST: Paul Brannigan, John Henshaw PLOT: A man who is about to become the father of a boy is given one last chance in court to mend his Glaswegian 'hit first, think later' ways.
Paul Brannigan, 25, has won rave reviews since being plucked from obscurity to become a leading man by veteran director Ken Loach.
Brannigan at once charts a complicated and nuanced vision of race while questioning its received boundaries and binaries.
David McGoldrick hit a screamer just wide for the visitors before Bay went ahead in the 37th minute, Rigoglioso finding himself free 15 yards out to drill past keeper Richard Brannigan.
Kenneth Gray stood over his partner of two and a half years, Lisa Brannigan, as she slept with her 12-year-old daughter, Teesside Crown Court heard.
Manara Developments, a Bahrain-based real estate development company, has announced a new addition to its management team with the appointment of Paul Brannigan as development manager.