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brash 1

adj. brash·er, brash·est
1. Presumptuously forward; impudent: "She couldn't imagine anyone being happy with this loud, brash, opinionated businessman" (Anne Bartlett). See Synonyms at shameless.
2. Hasty or unrestrained without regard for consequences: "his brash, ill-considered attacks on members of his own party" (Susan Dunn).
3. Arresting, pronounced, or ostentatious: brash plaids.
4. Brittle: brash timbers.

[Possibly imitative (influenced by rash) or from brash, attack.]

brash′ly adv.
brash′ness n.

brash 2

A mass or pile of rubble, refuse, or fragments, as of stone, brush, or ice.

[Perhaps an alteration of French brèche, breach in a wall, from Italian breccia; see breccia.]
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Adv.1.brashly - in a brash cheeky manner; "brashly, she asked for a rebate"


[ˈbræʃlɪ] ADV
1. [act] (= over-confidently) → presuntuosamente; (= rashly) → impetuosamente
2. (with adj) [intrusive] → descaradamente


[ˈbræʃli] adveffrontément


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Figurative in the broadest sense," explain the VANE people, "these sculptural works collectively engage with difficult material, whether brashly explicit or operating as a disquieting undercurrent, and whether concerned with political unrest, sexuality, violence or inter-generational dispute.
No doubt there are people in the country with short memories, but many of those who lived through the events of May 12, 2007 can hardly forget the image of Musharraf brashly celebrating his triumph at the end of that sad day, claiming it a victory for his regime that the ousted chief justice of the Supreme Court was prevented from leaving Karachi airport through a widespread exercise of violence that left nearly 50 dead and scores injured, the metropolis paralysed and memories of the 1980s revived.
It was the type of loud and sanctimonious tones that I'd heard before - brashly declaring: "yah Jonty, well I've never met anybody who voted leave either .
Grier brashly sought out both women and lesbian literature in the 1940s, a time when such activities were illegal.
He has questioned the loyalty of Israel's 1948 Palestinian minority and brashly confronted Israel's foreign critics.
Joshua Jackson ("The Affair") is brashly endearing as Brian, a gifted neuroscientist working on a study to prove that all white people are inherently racist.
In their previous issue, which followed Swansea's 3-0 Liberty Stadium thrashing by Arsenal at the end of October, Jack Swan produced a front page brashly declaring: "If either of the following things happen this season, I will donate a front cover to Cardiff City and let their fans choose the cover.
Each brashly claims it has originated selling copy based on a specific motivator .
This Bartimaeus did by brashly jostling with the crowd, thus got the attention of the Lord and the cure that he most needed.
At once brashly new and also old, the company draws its name from Joris-Karl Huysman's 1884 novel A reborns, often thought the starting point of the type of zany modernism seen more directly in the works of Alfred Jarry and the later Dadaist artists.
From the outset, after unveiling his immigration platform, Trump stated brashly "all illegal immigrants must go.
The Cyprus government politely rejected the idea of direct flights because it found the conditions unacceptable, while President Erdogan reacted much more brashly to Akinci's call for independence from Turkey.