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Noun1.brass section - the section of a band or orchestra that plays brass instrumentsbrass section - the section of a band or orchestra that plays brass instruments
section - a division of an orchestra containing all instruments of the same class
trumpet section - the section of a band or orchestra that plays trumpets or cornets
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What is the largest brass section instrument in an orchestra?
Then in came the brass section adding groovy beats and further bass layers before the floor-seated sitar players kicked in with inspiring intricacies.
A three-piece brass section takes lead position on stage and in most of their musical arrangements.
Each brass section has moments to shine, with superb piccolo and E-flat trumpet playing and a rich tuba foundation for a widely dispersed scoring.
On Saturday a chilly early winter Aberdeen Music Hall was filled with warmth brought in by a hearty brass section and rich strings.
The evening began with Paul Dukas' Fanfare pour preceder La Peri which gave the brass section of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales an opportunity to prove what we already knew - they are very fine musicians indeed.
While some schools use just the standard snare and bass drum combo, others add a third layer in the brass section.
And live they are quite phenomenal, complete with a brass section and a face-painted dancer clad in a costume with scores of rubber hands, all bobbing and weaving as he gyrates about the motionless conductor, Grandmaster Gareth.
Charlotte Merry, 10 won the brass section with her performance of Prelude by Charpentier.
SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Cross-country, girls varsity, Grades 10-12, co-captain, Grade 12; outdoor track, girls varsity, Grades 10-12, co-captain, Grade 12; indoor track, girls varsity, Grades 10 and 12; Drama Club/SPOTLIGHTS, Grades 9-12, leading role in Grade 10 fall play, treasurer, Grade 10, secretary, Grade 12; Marching Panther Band, full-time member, Grades 9-11, part-time, Grade 12, brass section leader, Grade 11, trumpet player; National Honor Society member, Grades 11 and 12, tutor through NHS; David Prouty Prowler newspaper, writer, Grade 10; volunteer at Forge Works Farm and Haston Free Public Library, Grades 10-12.
So Noel Gallagher returned to the Birmingham stage with his new post-Oasis solo project, which actually included a four-piece backing band, three-strong brass section and two choirs.