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1. Banded or trimmed with brass or a similar metal, such as bronze.
2. Inflexible; rigid: brassbound party loyalists.
3. Bold and impudent; brazen.


inflexibly entrenched: brassbound traditions.


(ˈbræsˈbaʊnd, ˈbrɑs-)

1. having a frame or reinforcements strengthened or made rigid by brass, bronze, etc.: a brassbound trunk.
2. rigid; inflexible: brassbound regulations.
3. impudent; brazen: brassbound presumption.
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Adj.1.brassbound - inflexibly entrenched and unchangeable; "brassbound traditions"; "brassbound party loyalists"; "an ironclad rule"
inflexible - incapable of change; "a man of inflexible purpose"
2.brassbound - having trim or fittings of brass; "a brassbound campaign chest"; "the heavy brassbound door"
bound - secured with a cover or binding; often used as a combining form; "bound volumes"; "leather-bound volumes"


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Southwell's card is humdrum at best, but Brassbound nonetheless looks interesting in the 32Red Handicap over two miles.
Southwell's card is humdrum at best but Brassbound nonetheless looks interesting in the 32Red Handicap over two miles.
The Ordinary Boys had major chart success with their debut album Over The Counter Culture in the summer of 2004 which was followed in 2005 by Brassbound.
Itwasamistakerunninghim on very heavy ground at Fairyhouselasttimeandhewas alothappieronthesurfacehere tonight," Oliver said of Brassbound who is set to go to the horses in training sale at Newmarketlaterinthemonth .
Since his appearance on Big Brother, sales of the The Ordinary Boys' album Brassbound have increased tenfold.
Their second album Brassbound is currently making waves following last year's gold-selling debut Over The Counter Culture, which spawned hits like Boys Will Be Boys and Maybe Someday.
Naturally, Ramona has a rope hung over her shoulder, 'a plaited strap of rawhide' which holds her field-glasses in a brassbound leather case.