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 (brä′vä, brä-vä′)
Used to express approval of a woman, especially for a performance.
A shout or cry of "brava."

[Italian, feminine of bravo, bravo; see bravo1.]


a shout of appreciation to a female performer


(ˈbrɑ vɑ, brɑˈvɑ)

(used in praising a female performer.)
[1800–1805; < Italian, feminine of bravo]
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And if that's not bad enough, the Brava is fitted with an alarm designed to wake you up every time the seal breaks during the night.
Trofeo versions of Bravo and Brava also benefit from the existing customer offer of 0 per cent finance over 3 years with just a 20 per cent deposit.
Brava allows users to view, print, annotate and redact document, image and CAD drawing files within and across the enterprise.
UK Land Estates at Team Valley, Gateshead has also called upon Brava to create contemporary working conditions within its offices.
With Brava women have the possibility of attaining lasting tissue growth and an increase from one-half to one cup size.
Reaxion's BRAVA platform allows developers & publishers to focus on building quality mobile content without having to worry about the time & cost associated with BREW porting; by enabling developers to simply provide J2ME reference builds in order to receive the operator required BREW handset coverage.
Scheduled for completion in early 2011, the centerpiece of Punta Brava will be the first oceanfront course designed by Woods.
The ruling against Costa Brava affirms the business judgment of two Special Litigation Committees (SLCs) that reviewed and evaluated matters raised in the derivative suit filed by the hedge fund related to its holdings in Telos' Public Preferred Stock.
7 /PRNewswire/ -- The Flagship Group and Tiger Woods Design have announced plans for Punta Brava -- a private golf and ocean club situated 65 miles south of San Diego -- that will include the first oceanfront course designed by Woods.
At the shareholders' meeting, all of the seats of MedQuist's Board of Directors are to be voted upon, and Costa Brava has proposed a slate of six (6) independent directors to challenge the slate of directors proposed by MedQuist and Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.
Construction on Punta Brava is expected to begin in early 2009 with residences, golf course and amenities scheduled for completion by 2011.
Among other things, Costa Brava, an investor in Telos, alleged that Goodman's audit opinion was the centerpiece of a carefully calculated campaign by Goodman and Telos to deprive Costa Brava and others of payments due under the public preferred stock, while enriching the insiders of Telos.