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bray·er 1

One that brays, especially a donkey.

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bray·er 2

n. Printing
A small hand roller used to spread ink thinly and evenly.
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for, by the God that made me, you might give a couple of brays odds to the best and most finished brayer in the world; the tone you have got is deep, your voice is well kept up as to time and pitch, and your finishing notes come thick and fast; in fact, I own myself beaten, and yield the palm to you, and give in to you in this rare accomplishment.
He was fumbling and kept talking quickly, quickly in French, you know: Il faut le battre, le fer, le brayer, le petrir.
Lynda Brayer, an Israeli Jew originally from South Africa, argued that Judaism does not have an inclusive ethic of humanness.
Ruth Brayer is president of Brayer Handwriting International, a consulting firm based in New York City.
There is an awareness in the mass market as to the popularity of decorative hardware," said Steve Brayer, product manager, noting that the wrought-iron look has a firm foothold there, as do such non-traditional finishes as verdigris.
A bulletin is available from The Brayer magazine for a nominal fee that gives the details of introducing and maintaining a donkey for predator control.
For example, normally a brayer is for rolling down ink.
USE THAT BRAYER, DOWEL OR PAPER TOWEL ROLL Applying texture to clay is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
There was a meeting of the minds between HLW and Fordham," said Jennifer Brayer, partner at HLW.
Our Managing Editors, Jonathan Bright, Sam Plett and Kate Robertson, and our Production Editor, Todd Brayer provided truly invaluable contributions through their meticulous efforts to ensure that the selected submissions were properly prepared for publication.
Place the leaf on the paper, roll the brayer covered with ink over the leaf and onto the paper on all sides.