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bray·er 1

One that brays, especially a donkey.

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bray·er 2

n. Printing
A small hand roller used to spread ink thinly and evenly.
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He was fumbling and kept talking quickly, quickly in French, you know: Il faut le battre, le fer, le brayer, le petrir.
for, by the God that made me, you might give a couple of brays odds to the best and most finished brayer in the world; the tone you have got is deep, your voice is well kept up as to time and pitch, and your finishing notes come thick and fast; in fact, I own myself beaten, and yield the palm to you, and give in to you in this rare accomplishment.
Brayer (Professor of Biblical Literature at Yeshiva University), in his book, 'The Jewish Woman in Rabbinic Literature,' it was the custom of Jewish women to go out in public with a head covering which, sometimes, even covered the whole face leaving one eye free.
Cindy Brayer explains, "A lot of our existing patients live in Clearwater, so the new location made the most sense.
A brayer or similar rolling tool is helpful for smoothing paper and releasing more water.
Commenting on these documents, Israeli human rights lawyer Lynda Brayer said this in2011: "Above and beyond the basic right of all human beings to resist their being killed andharmed, and a society to take armed actions to protect itself, this document legitimizes alsonational liberation struggles, including, at this time in history, most particularly, thePalestinian people's struggle for its own freedom.
Don't answer,) bloods hummingbird under your ribs Body-monster, ravenous now the hound's heartbeat outrunning my greed Body, inside, thin ibis, flaming-- mirror-hitch brayer do I love you, or not?
Flatten the strip layers and seal them together using the seam brayer, eliminating any slack between the strap and the hardware.
Flahaut), Riccoboni, Pauline de Meulan, Cottin, Krudener, Genlis, Olympe de Gouges, Gacon-Dufour, Montolieu, Salm, as well as women such as Montalembert and Brayer de Saint-Leon who published novels in 1800 (see Catriona Seth, who joins Reid, Darnton, Hesse and Krief in using statistics to debunk critical commonplaces regarding an influx of women novelists at the turn of the century and their participation in a uniform female literary tradition).
In turn, according to the statement, Tillerson and Brayer expressed "their thanks for the cooperation shown by the provincial government and presented to Barzani a short brief about the work and activities for the two companies in the region.
In New York, Jennifer Brayer is the partner-in-charge of the office.