breach of duty

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Noun1.breach of duty - a breach of due care
breach - a failure to perform some promised act or obligation
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No doubt you thought that your breach of duty could never be discovered, and yet a mere glance at that drugget was enough to convince me that someone had been admitted to the room.
Additionally, the court found that the breach of duty exception, which does not protect as privileged any communications relevant to an issue of breach of duty by a lawyer to a client, does not protect from disclosure communications created within the scope of the joint representation in a subsequent lawsuit between a joint client and a joint attorney, regardless of whether the communication included that client.
Adjourning the case, the judge added: "The defendant's breach of duty should be marked by a meaningful award.
Lastly, it must be proven that the direct or immediate result of the breach of duty or negligence of the adverse party caused the loss and the resulting damages.
The judge said in each of the four cases he had concluded that there had been no breach of duty or no substantial breach of duty.
Did his breach of duty cause or contribute to the deaths "not merely in a minimal way"?
The judge added that the council was "not in a position to deny" that Mr Summers suffered asbestos exposure and that this arose from a breach of duty.
The letter signed on behalf of Chris Wright, director of corporate services, on Vicky Cooper | behalf of the chief executive, states: "The Health Board accepts that there has been a breach of duty in relation to the care you received in terms of the failure by the vascular team to diagnose your upper limb DVT on your initial presentation.
Police pressed charges against 20 people for criminal association, espionage, breach of duty, blackmail and deceit.
An unspecified number of former managers of Greek state utility PPC were charged with breach of duty on Friday for commissioning a power plant that lost the company about 100 million euros ($130 million), a court source said.
Judge Owen said: "There was a duty of care owed to the claimant, nonetheless there was no breach of duty.
The two former directors of the state-owned firm face accusations of breach of duty for personal gain through public procurement fraud.

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