bread knife

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Bread knife

A knife with a serrated blade that was used to slice bread.
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Noun1.Bread knife - a knife used to cut breadbread knife - a knife used to cut bread    
knife - edge tool used as a cutting instrument; has a pointed blade with a sharp edge and a handle
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He closed the lid of the box with a loud crash; and, laying his hand on a bread knife which was on the table, started furiously up.
A Maine man intervened during a fight between a raccoon and his dog, and killed the rabid raccoon with a bread knife, local media said Monday.
A MECHANIC is facing deportation after his wife awoke to find him towering over her with a bread knife.
He was found guilty of possessing a bread knife, a serrated blade, a black-handled knife and an axe in a public place.
A sharp knife, such as an old bread knife, can be used if you need to cut the turves to fit.
The schoolboy used a blackhandled bread knife to force his victim to hand the bike, valued at PS400, over.
Oxford University student Lavinia Woodward, who stabbed her boyfriend with a bread knife after bingeing on drink and drugs, may be spared jail because the judge doesn't want to damage her career prospects.
Jeska, of Wesley Terrace, faces further charges of possession of bladed articles in a public place, namely a 12cm kitchen knife, 13cm kitchen knife and a bread knife.
She is further charged with possession of bladed articles in a public place, namely a 12cm kitchen knife, a 13cm kitchen knife and a bread knife.
VIOLENT Alan Richards is today behind bars after attacking his partner with a mop and a bread knife in front of a young child.
The second man who was holding the bread knife was white, stocky, around the same age, between 5ft 8ins and 5ft 10ins, with short mousey brown hair.
The knives are available in seven sizes, including a 4-inch paring, a 5-inch and a 7-inch santoku, a 6-inch and an 8-inch chef, an 8-inch slicer and an 8-inch bread knife.