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Noun1.bread maker - someone who bakes bread or cakebread maker - someone who bakes bread or cake  
skilled worker, skilled workman, trained worker - a worker who has acquired special skills
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The success of this product was followed by the Breadman(TM), the first automatic bread maker that replaced the traditionally time-consuming process of homemade bread making with ease and efficiency.
Cake and bread maker Finsbury Food Group has been forced to issue a profits warning after casual staff at its Cardiff bakery were over-generous with cake toppings during the Christmas rush.
Like the Juiceman(TM) juice extractor line and the Breadman(TM) automatic bread maker -- two extremely successful icons created and marketed by CMi's founders -- the iCEBOX LCD flat panel is a breakthrough, must-have kitchen infopliance for builders and installers responsible for creating the cutting-edge kitchens consumers demand.
BREAD maker Hovis has made a 12-decker sandwich to celebrate its 120th anniversary this year.
Breville Fan Assisted Bread Maker - Get a free sandwich maker worth pounds 19.
The consumer rebate program also includes all Goldstar bread makers, and offers consumers a $10 discount on any bread maker purchased between March 15th and May 31st of this year.
By investing in a bread maker or a coffee machine for the kitchen, creating those smells is so much easier and as the research shows, are likely to leave a lasting impression on those looking to buy a house.
I'VE bought myself a nice bread maker and I've rented a cow called daisy from my local farmer for the remainder of the month Dariush Baladabadi EVERYONE would be moaning if we didn't get a warning.
The poll found 62 percent of adults said they were guilty of buying the latest must-have gadgets, with over a quarter of Brits owning a bread maker and 17 percent boasting an ice-cream machine.
PAUL Hollywood: A Baker's Tale (Channel 4, Monday) promised to chart the rise and rise of our best known bread maker.
The first sample was sweet potato flour bread, with sweet potato flour substituting for 25% of the wheat flour in the standard bread maker recipe.
Kitchen includes hood, grease trap, walk-in, fryer, POS, bread maker.