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One whose earnings are the primary source of support for one's dependents.

bread·win′ning n.


a person supporting a family with his or her earnings
ˈbreadˌwinning n, adj


(ˈbrɛdˌwɪn ər)

a person who earns a livelihood, esp. one who supports dependents.
bread′win`ning, n.
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Noun1.breadwinner - one whose earnings are the primary source of support for their dependents
earner, wage earner - someone who earn wages in return for their labor
عائل الأسرة
živitel rodiny
živiteľ rodiny
ailenin geçimini sağlayan kişiekmek parası kazanan


[ˈbredˌwɪnəʳ] Nsostén m de la familia


[ˈbrɛdwɪnər] nsoutien m de famille


nErnährer(in) m(f), → Brotverdiener(in) m(f)


[ˈbrɛdˌwɪnəʳ] nchi mantiene la famiglia, chi porta i soldi a casa (fam)


(bred) noun
1. a type of food made of flour or meal baked. bread and butter.
2. one's living. This is how I earn my daily bread.
ˈbreadcrumbs noun plural
very tiny pieces of bread. Dip the fish in egg and breadcrumbs.
ˈbreadwinner noun
a person who earns money to keep a family. When her husband died she had to become the breadwinner.
bread and butter
(a way of earning) one's living. Writing novels is my bread and butter.
on the breadline
with barely enough to live on. The widow and her children are on the breadline.

bread and butter takes a singular verb.
References in classic literature ?
Another era had dawned, new customs, new fashions sprang into life, all as lusty as if they had been born at twenty-one; as quickly as two people may exchange seats, the daughter, till now but a knitter of stockings, became the breadwinner, he who had been the breadwinner sat down to the knitting of stockings: what had been yesterday a nest of weavers was to-day a town of girls.
I am only the breadwinner, why should I be coddled--why, why, why
A breadwinner is classified as someone who supports a family and details of enrolment were announced by the Central Informatics Organisation (CIO) yesterday.
The 40-year-old mum of six will be an executive producer on the upcoming movie The Breadwinner, which will be directed by Nora Twomey.
Director of Counseling and Client Services Nina Heck says each breadwinner mom's financial challenges are grounded in her unique situation.
Their family members who sleep in separate bedrooms with attached bathrooms at the huge house generally do not know that their breadwinner sleeps on a bunk bed and waits in a queue to use the bathroom in shared accommodation.
According to the conditions governing the eligibility for the benefits, the monthly income of the beneficiary or the breadwinner should be less than the perimeter of the entitlement.
On the negative side, she's older than her toyboy's maw, will always be the main breadwinner and musical compatibility will be restricted by the fact that she'll be married to a bloke whose favourite song from the 80s must be the Pampers theme tune.
Her husband was killed in a devastating tsunami that hit the Indian sub-continent seven years ago and she is the only breadwinner for her three children.
This may be part of the motivation behind "The Breadwinner Trilogy.
When the breadwinner is doing well - and let's say for argument's sake that the breadwinner is the husband - the wife takes the initiative to divorce more than the breadwinner, because obviously the breadwinner is worth more.
MEN think women should be responsible for running the home, while women rely on their partners to be the main breadwinner, a survey shows.