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or break-e·ven  (brāk′ē′vən)
Marked by or indicating a balance, especially between investment and return.
1. The point, especially the level of sales of a good or service, at which the return on investment is exactly equal to the amount invested.
2. The point at which the energy produced by a system is equal to that put into it, thereby rendering the system self-sustaining. In both senses also called break-even point.


or break′e′ven,

of or designating the point at which income, as from sales of a product or service, is exactly equal to expenditure, resulting in neither profit nor loss.
[1935–40, Amer.]


[ˌbreɪkˈiːvən] ADJ break-even chartgráfica f del punto de equilibrio
break-even pointpunto m de equilibrio
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For 2014, Moody s expects expenditure growth to slow in the GCC, and fiscal break-evens oil prices will continue to converge with actual prices.
Meanwhile, Moody s Investors Service in its latest MENA sovereign outlook report said that Oman s fiscal break-even oil price is the second highest in the GCC after Bahrain, and is on an upward trend.
The improvement in break-evens is limited to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, however, where some of the large one-off increases in spending that pushed up break-evens last year are set to be unwound this year.