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1. An often complex rhythmic passage used in electronic music, especially a sampled drum solo from a previously recorded song.
2. A style of electronic music characterized by such passages.

[From break, solo cadenza.]


(Pop Music) a type of electronic dance music
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With a soundtrack from electro to disco, soul to breakbeat and hip hop, all with a cheesy twist of favourite old school disco tunes, there was music for everyone to enjoy.
They recently dropped their debut album on Ninja Tunes, it is a brilliant album of club cuts, breakbeat, mellow pub sep and future electronica.
The BreakBeat Poets are 78 Gen X and millennial wordsters who've written what may be the first poetry anthology by and for the hip-hop generation.
Their music comes under the heading of breakbeat but, as with much electronic music, it encapsulates further genres ranging from hip-hop through to punk.
Kevin Coval (editor), Quraysh Ali Lansana (editor), and Nate Marshall (editor); THE BREAKBEAT POETS; Haymarket Books (Nonfiction: Poetry) 18.
Both Icona Pop's I Don't Care and the grinding breakbeat swagger of Iggy Azealia's Fancy had the already-sizeable crowd going wild in the sun.
A joyous outpouring, Disco e Progresso fuses elements of disco, funk, dancehall, kuduro, new weave, breakbeat, samba and more into a singularly exuberant escapade.
The North East foursome are known for crossing musical genres and their heavy breakbeat sound is as unique as their look.
Electronic breakbeat stars The Prodigy will join rock giants Iron Maiden and Metallica (above) as headliners across the three-day event, alongside the likes of Limp Bizkit, Deftones and Alice In Chains.
Billed as "self-confessed suckers for bass and the groove", the duo fuse electro-house, rave, acid house, breakbeat and techno into their own style they call 'Plump Music' and they have been rocking the dance scene for some 15 years.
The style is given a more energetic, danceable bent by the group, who do more than enough to keep it sounding fresh and new by introducing a heavier breakbeat edge in tracks such as Dependency.
is on tomorrow, with Djette Kiwi playing her groovy vocal house, Guillaume Lecore playing house and electro, DJ Jay playing drum 'n' bass and Khalid Projectsynthetic playing breakbeat and psy-trance.