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1. An often complex rhythmic passage used in electronic music, especially a sampled drum solo from a previously recorded song.
2. A style of electronic music characterized by such passages.

[From break, solo cadenza.]


(Pop Music) a type of electronic dance music
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The iPod advert soundtrack of Yeah Yeah was backed by funked–up breakbeats and dense samples, coming over like a poppier DJ Shadow.
were massive and combined squelching Acid House with Detroit Techno and funked-up breakbeats.
The DJ pals will be spinning funk, soul, acid jazz, big beat, breakbeats and hip hop tomorrow night.
With Luxor BreakBeats, Salama has treated his music as an abstract form, fusing Oriental beats and Rhythms from Upper Egypt.
WE KNOW the drill by now - Mark Ronson takes a classic song, adds trumpets, breakbeats and a famous voice.
Though positioned much like a promotional "mixtape," any similarities to the format end with the shout-outs and the sequencing of the songs on the CD; Unreleased is tight, polished and finished product, mixtape in spirit minus the throwaway freestyles and warmed-over breakbeats.
The sessions are designed to cover all forms of funk, soul, hip-hop, jazz and breakbeats and conducted by resident DJ Mylz Hesketh, the founder of Birmingham club night Heducation.
Drum `n' bass: Speeded-up breakbeats with a slower bass line.
With his Bedrock Original mix CD released to critical acclaim, Jonathan Lisle, pictured, will be bringing his blend of progressive house and breakbeats to World Headquarters tonight.
Next will be DJ Rupture, known for working dance hall, Arabic vocals, hip hop and breakbeats into his signature three turntable mix.
With demonic hunched-over visages lit up by sickly laptop light, they racked up a menacing assault of deep drum'n'bass, piling up for each ascent and release, then crunching up broken electro-matter in the spaces between the breakbeats.
Captain and DJ MAS, the deck hands behind Taxi at Moloko, continues to convert the openminded to the dance rhythms of soca, timbala and bossanova breakbeats at their regular Sunday night Mill Lane jump-ups.