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This didn't seem to be a problem with the swivel clamshells and later high-riding Bianchi breakfronts that were LAPD trademarks.
Sandstone is also used in many waterways, or as breakfronts for harbor protection.
Use white built-ins instead of heavy breakfronts, glass-paned kitchen cabinetry and an eclectic mix of painted and natural wood tones.
Selby offers its Pencilight line of T-5 slim, thin Low-wattage high-output fluorescent lighting fixtures for curio cabinets, breakfronts and kitchen brightness.
We will have the same props, breakfronts, portraits it will be just like a Fishs Eddy," she said.
Some offerings are fairly wide, such as a selection of imported breakfronts, shelves and armoires with hand-painted designs, while others are one-of-a-kind finds, such as a modern upholstered armchair in red leather with chrome legs for $999.
Q We are having a problem with two customers who have complained of faded, streaky areas in the finish of their breakfronts.