breaking away

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Noun1.breaking away - the act of breaking away or withdrawing from; "there was a breakaway by the discontented members"; "a breaking away from family and neighborhood"
secession, withdrawal - formal separation from an alliance or federation
2.breaking away - departing hastily
departure, going, going away, leaving - the act of departing
References in classic literature ?
It soon seemed that the encounter was done saving only the final death thrust when Bar Comas slipped in breaking away from a clinch.
There is, among the Romanticists, a general breaking away not only from the definite pseudo-classical principles, but from the whole idea of submission to fixed authority.
Add to this that Gray, the new man, had his face tied up in a bandage for a cut he had got in breaking away from the mutineers and that poor old Tom Redruth, still unburied, lay along the wall, stiff and stark, under the Union Jack.
said the presidential pronouncement to end military drills with the United States does not mean the Philippines is breaking away from its American ally.
Other users believed that breaking away al-Nusra's affiliation to al-Qaeda by name is not the solution.