breast feeding

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Noun1.breast feeding - nourishing at the breastbreast feeding - nourishing at the breast    
infant feeding - feeding an infant
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LAHORE -- The Punjab government will observe World Breast Feeding Week from August 25 to 30 by organizing awareness seminars at district headquarters to highlight the importance of breast feeding for the better health of infants and children.
PESHAWAR -- Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government is all set to introduce and implement legislation on 'Protection of Breast Feeding and Child Nutrition" in the province.
ENCOURAGEMENT Breast feeding mentor Clare Straughan with children Emily, 5, and Alfred, 4, wants to help other mothers
Local mothers will gather to nurse their babies at Oakmont City Park today as part of the Big Latch On, an international event to boost awareness of and support for breast feeding.
It is important to stress that our findings should not discourage women from breast feeding as we know that this is beneficial to both mother and baby in a number of ways.
Given the ineffectiveness of this intervention, "resources may be better directed to the first two weeks after birth, when the highest proportion of women stop breast feeding," they conclude.
The benefits of breast feeding are not just for the baby.
The project is the latest in a long line of health campaigns that urge women to take up and continue breast feeding to give their baby the best start in life.
In addition, a diabetes nurse specialist offered individual counseling on the benefits of breast feeding and described the possibility of using a breast pump if the infant's ability to suck was impaired.
While around 71% of British women start out breast feeding, the take-up rate in some parts of this region is as low as 26%.
I have got eczema and asthma and breast feeding can help protect against allergies, so that was the most important part.
The researchers concluded, 'Our analysis suggests that any effect of breast feeding on blood pressure is modest and of limited clinical or public health importance.