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1. Suitable or pleasant for breathing: breathable air.
2. Permitting air to pass through: a breathable fabric.

breath′a·bil′i·ty n.


1. (Chemistry) fitness to be breathed
2. (Textiles) textiles ability to let air to pass through so that perspiration can evaporate
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The fabric is lightweight with a soft hand and improved breathability as well as inherent moisture management properties.
This revolutionary material combined with the unique construction of the HyperAir GTX Jacket allows for increased breathability, reduced sweat accumulation and faster release of moisture to avoid the clammy discomfort of wet fabric.
Toray's Dermizax NX sets a new standard for waterproof breathable membranes, allowing for 200% stretch in all directions and total breathability.
Flexi-Rope system is a patented method for providing improved load containment and breathability.
Lace Your Face's unique beauty masks provide breathability for pores and deep serum infusion for all skin types and are recommended for sensitive skin.
Errea 3DWear has designed a range of customised products for Stade Toulousain, characterised by areas with different muscular compression and breathability inside the garments.
Armed with info on windproof standards in top-rated ski jackets, the topic now turns to one the least understood terms related to quality active wear - breathability.
DWRs are designed to cause water beading without inhibiting breathability.
Sin modal denims provide: Breathability so keeps the body cooler; has a soft hand feel; light in weight; takes the shape of your body.
uk Safebreathe Hoppy THIS machine-washable soft cotton rabbit is designed with safety and breathability in mind, so it's made from airmesh and is stuffed with hypoallergenic hollowfibre, minimising the risk of suffocation.
Designed to work under the toughest conditions in the Northwest, the folks at Homeschool Snowboarding understand that it takes a balance between waterproofness and breathability to make a snowboarder truly comfortable.
The new updated mesh and nylon liner has been added for more breathability, and still maintains its fast undercover and concealed carry look.