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1. Suitable or pleasant for breathing: breathable air.
2. Permitting air to pass through: a breathable fabric.

breath′a·bil′i·ty n.


1. (Chemistry) fitness to be breathed
2. (Textiles) textiles ability to let air to pass through so that perspiration can evaporate
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As seen in Romeo's post, his first shoe features what looks like a mesh upper allowing breathability through the side panels and comes in a low top version.
The Gore-Tex membrane provides both waterproofing and breathability.
They feature a reinforced heel and toe, shock absorbing zone cushioning, mesh for breathability, superior fit in heel cups, and arch compression for support, as well a hidden inspirational message on each pair.
The chemical protection is provided while maintaining excellent breathability and comfort, which makes this fabric ideal for lab coats in university and industrial research laboratories,
The linen material has the right light weave for the right breathability.
SmartRepel Hydro provides water repellency performance to casual clothing while retaining softness and breathability.
Designed to maximize breathability, minimize noise and eliminate frigid wind, the #9068 utilizes a three-component system to keep you hunting longer.
com) This Shock Absorber number has 'powermesh' side panels for breathability, and the jazzy print and crop-top style make it especially great for summer.
Uppers are also anchored to the innovative TC3 footbeds, which bind an odor reducing treatment to OrthoLite insoles for maximum breathability.
For diaper closure systems, strong hold, softness and breathability are crucial, yet it can be hard to excel at each quality without tradeoffs.
Flexi-Rope system is a patented method for providing improved load containment and breathability.
Armed with info on windproof standards in top-rated ski jackets, the topic now turns to one the least understood terms related to quality active wear - breathability.