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 (brĕch′ē-āt′, brĕsh′-)
tr.v. brec·ci·at·ed, brec·ci·at·ing, brec·ci·ates
To form (rock) into breccia.

brec′ci·a′tion n.
References in classic literature ?
I'll be bound that if we went down there we should find 'pipes' of soapy brecciated rock.
4m of brecciated gneiss, quartz-chalcopyrite veins and massive chalcopyrite the drillhole cuts potassic altered quartz-diorite porphyry dike from 30.
33g/t gold from surface, related to highly modified, brecciated dolomitic rocks, and trenching confirmed gold mineralisation within a steep north-dipping, westerly plunging modification zone.
Target Areas 1 and 2 are long brecciated quartz structures which may extend to considerable depth as suggested by their geophysical signatures.
Detailed work over the Crackling Rosie prospect has demonstrated that the gold (silver molybdenum) is hosted by a brecciated silicified limestone - identical to Crunchie in appearance.
Brecciated and strongly fractured volcanics measuring 50 meters in width surrounding the veins indicate potential for a disseminated gold target.
The deposits are clays, brecciated dolomites, organogenous limetones, with inter-lays of conglomerates.
The primary characterisitic used for the last fifty years to recognize the Bass Islands Group is its brecciated nature.
The Benton LL6 chondrite is a relatively unweathered, brecciated meteorite that was witnessed as a fall at Benton, New Brunswick, on 16 January 1949.
Chert, sparry dolomite, sparry calcite, malachite, and pyrite are present in rare brecciated pods.
Clement Reid (1896) and later West showed that Stratum C was often brecciated and sometimes contained remains of not just cool-climate, but arctic plants, including fragile leaves, as well as reworked temperate fruits and seeds.
The intersected gold mineralization is characterized by brecciated quartz vein and strongly silica-carbonate-pyrite alteration and is hosted in shear zones emplaced along the fine grained basaltic sequence and medium grained dolerite intruded by felsic porphyry units.