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 (brĕch′ē-āt′, brĕsh′-)
tr.v. brec·ci·at·ed, brec·ci·at·ing, brec·ci·ates
To form (rock) into breccia.

brec′ci·a′tion n.
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I'll be bound that if we went down there we should find 'pipes' of soapy brecciated rock.
The 36 inch-wide, hand-painted, hand-assembled collage of paper squares comes in four metallic colors, each named after a type of brecciated marble.
The blue azurite typically forms irregular brecciated masses within the green malachite matrix.
33g/t gold from surface, related to highly modified, brecciated dolomitic rocks, and trenching confirmed gold mineralisation within a steep north-dipping, westerly plunging modification zone.
The succession is 65m thick and predominantly medium to thick bedded, nodular to brecciated and extremely fossiliferous.
Target Areas 1 and 2 are long brecciated quartz structures which may extend to considerable depth as suggested by their geophysical signatures.
Detailed work over the Crackling Rosie prospect has demonstrated that the gold (silver molybdenum) is hosted by a brecciated silicified limestone - identical to Crunchie in appearance.
The mineralisation drilled is hosted within a 200m to 300m thick thrust fault which may be linked to an intensely silica and clay altered, stock-worked and brecciated quartz dacite intrusive complex located around 1,200m to the south.
The deposits are clays, brecciated dolomites, organogenous limetones, with inter-lays of conglomerates.
The primary characterisitic used for the last fifty years to recognize the Bass Islands Group is its brecciated nature.
At Dorada, mineralisation is associated with brecciated, silicified and clay-altered intrusives, with infrequent volcanics.