breeches buoy

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breech·es buoy

 (brĭch′ĭz, brē′chĭz)
An apparatus used for rescues and transfers at sea, consisting of sturdy canvas breeches attached at the waist to a ring buoy that is suspended from a pulley running along a rope from ship to shore or from ship to ship.

breeches buoy

(Nautical Terms) a ring-shaped life buoy with a support in the form of a pair of short breeches, in which a person is suspended for safe transfer from a ship

breech′es bu`oy

a life preserver with a pantslike canvas seat for hauling a disabled person on or off a vessel.
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Noun1.breeches buoy - a life buoy in the form of a ring with short breeches for support; used to transfer people from a ship
life buoy, life ring, lifesaver, life belt - a life preserver in the form of a ring of buoyant material

breeches buoy

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