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A roofed, open-sided passageway connecting two structures, such as a house and a garage.


(Architecture) a roofed passageway connecting two buildings, sometimes with the sides enclosed



an open-sided roofed passageway for connecting two buildings, as a house and garage.
[1930–35, Amer.]
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All of the target houses so far have been older ranch houses with attached breezeways or garages.
Outside Barnes & Noble, booksellers took their final drags, skeptical of an ordinance that protects not only common breezeways, but bans smoking near oaks and other protected trees.
Several years ago, Westminster Management completed extensive renovations at Inverness, enclosing the property's breezeways and hallways, as well as the building's basements and laundry rooms.
As the plane skids to a stop on the tarmac of Punta Cana International Airport, the first impression of the Dominican Republic is of openair breezeways and thatched roofs.
All will be built along a central spine with heavily landscaped interior breezeways, courtyards and fountains.
This plant is a favorite selection for sun-deprived breezeways and is found growing under the San Diego Freeway in Brentwood, between Sepulveda Boulevard and the entry to the Getty Museum.
Other improvements include plumbing and electrical upgrades, and enclosure of the property's breezeways and hallways, as well as the building basements and laundry rooms.