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The electromagnetic radiation produced by the acceleration of an electrically charged particle, as when an electron is deflected in the electric field of an atom or molecule.

[German : Bremse, brake (from Middle Low German premse, from pramen, to press) + Strahlung, radiation (from strahlen, to radiate, from Strahl, ray, from Middle High German strāle, from Old High German strāla, arrow, stripe; see ster- in Indo-European roots).]


(Atomic Physics) the radiation produced when an electrically charged particle, esp an electron, is slowed down by the electric field of an atomic nucleus or an atomic ion
[C20: German: braking radiation]


(ˈbrɛmˌʃtrɑ ləŋ)

radiation, esp. x-rays, emitted by an accelerating or decelerating charged particle.
[1940–45; < German, =Brems(e) brake + Strahlung radiation]
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Shutters are used to prevent high energy radiation, gas bremsstrahlung and synchrotron radiation, from penetrating through the hole in the hutch shield wall when the shutter is closed.
In order to find precise values, more complicated calculations of bremsstrahlung [5] are required for the star involving many Feynman diagrams for the mesons, interacting between themselves and with the electrons.
Similarly, should anyone start explaining to me the ins and outs of how to cook a caramelised parsnip roux in a bainmarie, I'll fall asleep faster than you can say "Open University Lecture on Nuclear Fusion: Week Two - Bremsstrahlung losses in quasineutral, isotropic plasmas".
The standard model particles produced by the WIMP annihilation typically have weak scale energies and so by a process of pion decay, bremsstrahlung, or inverse Compton scattering, can lead to gamma-ray emission.
bremsstrahlung and fluorescence photons) is not to be included in dg.
Gamma rays are produced by a number of astronomical processes in which very high-energy electrons are produced, that in turn cause secondary gamma rays by the mechanisms of bremsstrahlung, inverse Compton scattering and synchrotron radiation.
The field jump-starts free electrons in the neighborhood, accelerating them enough to emit X-ray photons known as bremsstrahlung radiation.
The larger resin-filled pores produce an EDS spectrum consisting of the bremsstrahlung X-ray continuum together with the K[alpha] chlorine peak, as will the resin in much smaller pores in the matrix, but in this instance kaolin present within the pore or adjacent matrix will generate aluminium and silicon spectral lines which will be superimposed on the continuum; the chlorine K[alpha] peak will persist (Fig.
They write primarily for graduate students, and so emphasize classical and semi-classical aspects of the bremsstrahlung process, but also summarize and discuss theoretical work in original literature in case the odd practicing physicist wanders through.
The Monte Carlo simulation gives us a glimpse of what happened when the a-Si detector was exposed to radiation: event counts for Compton scattering, photoelectric absorption, pair production, bremsstrahlung, annihilation, Moller and Bhabha scattering, and fluorescence events respectively.
3, purity testing gave the expected low-energy internal bremsstrahlung emissions from the electron capture decay of [sup.