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 (brē-är′, -ärd′)
A dog of a large breed developed in medieval France for herding and guarding, having a long coarse coat that is black, gray, or tawny.

[French, from Brie, a region of northern France.]


(briːˈɑːd; briːˈɑː)
(Animals) a medium-sized dog of an ancient French sheep-herding breed having a long rough coat of a single colour
[French, literally: of Brie (region in N France)]


(briˈɑr, -ˈɑrd)

one of a French breed of large sheepherding dogs with a long, wavy coat.
[1930–35; < French; see Brie, -ard]
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Noun1.Briard - old French breed of large strong usually black dogs having a long tail and long wavy and slightly stiff coatbriard - old French breed of large strong usually black dogs having a long tail and long wavy and slightly stiff coat
sheep dog, sheepdog, shepherd dog - any of various usually long-haired breeds of dog reared to herd and guard sheep
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For example, ship captains (Philip Briard, Pierre Briard, Philip Weary), postmaster (Fidel Leblanc), masons (Hugh Gillis, Alex McDonald, Allen McLellan, Malcolm McNeill), blacksmiths (Donald Gillis, James Gillis, John McLellan, Edward Mudge), coopers (Alexander Gillis, Donald Gillis, John McFarlan), schoolteacher (Thomas Aucoin, John De Carteret), merchants (Samuel Lawrence, John Leadbetter), and clergy (Julien Courteau, Patrick McKeagney, Alex McLeod).
In the galleries of the Luxembourg Palace Vigee Le Brun made numerous copies of Old Masters' paintings whereas at the same time she took some drawing lessons from the historical painter Gabriel Briard, 1725-1777, together with her artist friend Anne-Rosalie Boquet.
Speaking at a conference organised in Dubai last month, Knauf Insulation's head of sustainability, Vincent Briard, said: "My personal opinion is that Dubai Municipality is showing direction for sustainability in new buildings.
A SOUTH Wales dog handler and Forte, a five-yearold briard, proved every dog does have its day after walking away with a top prize at Crufts.
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Briard and Carter (2013) define a community of interest as groups of people who share an identity or an experience.
Patch, a eight-year-old corgi cross Ariel, Bengal cross kitten (1 of 3) Sophie, a four-year-old collie cross Lucy, one-year-old Netherland dwarf Minty, five-year-old female ferret Galaxy, one-year-old dwarf rabbit Larry, five-year-old Patterdale terrier Bounty, a Netherland dwarf cross Smokey, a two-year-old rabbit Molld, a one-year-old cat Scrag, 12-year-old cat Milky, six-year-old male cat Pumba, a collie Esme, a tortoiseshell kitten Arthur, an older crossbreed dog Pepper, a five-year-old Briard cross Sherbert, two-year-old cat Jo, a kitten
The family's three briard show dogs were also in the van and Michelle had to smash a window to rescue them.
Norman, a Briard from Canton, Georgia, has had a passion for wheels ever since he was a puppy, according to his owner.
Georges Briard, one of the country's finest designers, came up with the Heritage dinnerware line.
Dany Briard, director of Information Technology for the Cascade Tissue Division, sums up the company's experience by saying, "Ultra-thin client computers improve company productivity and efficiency as users can pull a Tadpole device off a storage shelf, enter their identification card and connect to the company network instantly.
Student Gautier Briard (above), 19, originally from France but living in Middlesbrough, said: "I have been having fun, partying.