Located or serving consumers in a physical facility as distinct from providing remote, especially online, services: a brick-and-mortar bookstore.
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An indescribable character of faded gentility that attached to the house I sought, and made it unlike all the other houses in the street - though they were all built on one monotonous pattern, and looked like the early copies of a blundering boy who was learning to make houses, and had not yet got out of his cramped brick-and-mortar pothooks - reminded me still more of Mr.
Some Radical fellow speechifying at Middlemarch said Casaubon was the learned straw-chopping incumbent, and Freke was the brick-and-mortar incumbent, and I was the angling incumbent.
Maddening church bells of all degrees of dissonance, sharp and flat, cracked and clear, fast and slow, made the brick-and-mortar echoes hideous.
BRICK-AND-MORTAR RETAILERS HAVE SUBSTANTIALLY upgraded their e-commerce websites into prime sellers of home textiles, according to industry executives.
Many believe that online retailers engage in unfair competition with brick-and-mortar retailers because of the nonpayment of sales taxes by consumers of the online retailers.
With that in mind, Mayer's group designed a 20-cm-long prototype beam with a structure mimicking the brick-and-mortar design of nacre.
Says Ronald Ervolino, managing director for The Ervolino Partnership, "We had no intention of entering the multi-family market with a development that could be labeled your typical brick-and-mortar building.
Several brick-and-mortar retailers sell their rugs online, such as Kmart, Neiman Marcus, Restoration Hardware and Crate & Barrel.
com lets more businesses get offset printing done online became it accepts many popular file formats--such as Quark, Illustrator, and Word--something that many brick-and-mortar offset printers do not.
WHILE PUNDITS HAVE LONG AGREED that a combination of brick and click is stronger than either of those components alone, a survey from Nielsen/Netratings and Harris Interactive suggests that Internet pure plays are doing a better job of delighting their customers than brick-and-mortar e-tailers.
Over the next five years, dot-com companies will increase profitability far above the historically established level of traditional hybrid or brick-and-mortar enterprises (0.
The Web sites expected to survive will be those that combine online shopping's conveniences with the accountability provided by brick-and-mortar stores.