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Adj.1.brick-shaped - shaped like a brick
cubic, three-dimensional - having three dimensions
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The larger of the two coolers contained fish wrapped around two brick-shaped packages covered in green plastic, with a third brick-shaped package concealed in a vacuum-sealed package of what appeared to be chili.
John Castellain, 41, was stopped by police on the M53 while transporting a brick-shaped, one-kilogram block of 86% pure cocaine.
The transmission electron microscopy of a crust showed multiple typical orf viral particles, which were enveloped with a brick-shaped morphology and consisted of a central DNA-containing core surrounded by a bilayered capsid [Figure 1]c-g.
The French version if often heart-shaped, American often brick-shaped.
Brick-shaped 330 x 280 x 200-nm virus particles with irregular pipe-shaped surface structures (online Technical Appendix Figure 3), consistent with those of members of genus Avipoxvirus, were observed by electron microscopy.
USE brick-shaped tiles to form a splashback, but leave some wall exposed for painting and it will be much easier to change your colour scheme when you fancy it, GO on the hunt for Formica in second hand shops and on eBay.
Our brick-shaped lorries are well overdue an update and it is the campaign's case that ministers need to be clear new rules are needed now not in 10 years as countries including France and Sweden want.
The brick-shaped stones "are not even (in shape) like a brick or a paver you'd buy at Jerry's (Home Improvement Center)," Singer said.
Cardiomyocytes start off as small, oval cells, which during development turn into rectangular, brick-shaped cells that are much larger in size," says Milica Radisic, a chemical engineering professor at U of T's Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering.
Campaign groups representing those killed in collisions with heavy goods vehicles - whose angular, brick-shaped cabs impair driver visibility - have spent years demanding change.
A stay in a country hotel had given us inspiration for the look we wanted - a modern take on the house's original Victorian style, with brick-shaped wall tiles, wood flooring, a walk-in shower and a claw-footed, free-standing bath.
He approves of "throwing eggs at David Cameron, brick-shaped eggs - made from brick" and states: "Join if you want to kick Nick Clegg square in the balls.