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a. A molded rectangular block of clay baked by the sun or in a kiln until hard and used as a building and paving material.
b. Such blocks of clay used as a building material: a house made of brick.
c. An object shaped like such a block: a brick of cheese.
d. Informal A smartphone, tablet, or similar electronic device that connects to the internet that has become inoperable.
2. A dark brownish red.
3. Informal A helpful, reliable person.
4. Basketball A shot that falls short of the basket.
v. bricked, brick·ing, bricks
v. tr.
1. To construct, line, or pave with bricks.
2. To close or wall with brick: bricked up the windows of the old house.
3. Informal To cause to become inoperable. Used especially of electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets, that connect to the internet. I bricked my smartphone when I tried to untether it.
v. intr.
Informal To become inoperable. Used especially of electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets, that connect to the internet.
drop a brick Informal
To make a clumsy social error.

[Middle English brike, from Middle Dutch bricke.]

brick adj.
brick′y adj.


(Building) made of bricks, or like a brick
(Professions) a variant spelling of brickie
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Contract notice: renovation of the faade, bricky gas stove in suvilahti
Don Melchor 2010 - consistently excellent, bricky color, soft, ready to drink, spice red fruit combinations
Evans left Bricky youth when he was 14 to join then Premier League club Wolverhampton Wanderers' academy, where he stayed until the age of 16.
Opt for a neutral palette with warm undertones: anything from soft bricky shades and milky coffee colours to glowy peaches and browny-pinks.
The race tends to go to a low-weighted runner and the only two who fit the bill this year are Chac Du Cadran and The Thirsty Bricky.
35 1 HIGHRATE (IRE) Ryan Mania (5-1) 2 Dont Tell Sailor (IRE) (10-3 Fav) 3 The Thirsty Bricky (IRE) (20-1) Tote: win PS6.
Too many Rangers players, as well as the rest of us perhaps, have assumed that anyone on PS4000 a week must be so much better than a plumber, painter, bricky or teacher who plays just for the love of the game and enough to buy a pint after the match.
Jimmy Nail may have been a rubbish singer with an ant eater's hooter - but he wasn't half bad at playing a Geordie bricky.
It was one of three carefully deposited but partially dismembered skeletons found on levelled-off, bricky debris in what had been the reception suite (room 20) of an official of some status, apparently responsible for the Area FS building.