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 (brē′kō-läzh′, brĭk′ō-)
Something made or put together using whatever materials happen to be available: "Even the decor is a bricolage, a mix of this and that" (Los Angeles Times).

[French, from bricole, trifle, from Old French, catapult, from Old Italian briccola, of Germanic origin.]


(ˈbrɪkəˌlɑːʒ; French brɪkɔlaʒ)
1. (Architecture) the jumbled effect produced by the close proximity of buildings from different periods and in different architectural styles
2. (Architecture) the deliberate creation of such an effect in certain modern developments: the post-modernist bricolage of the new shopping centre.
[French: odd jobs, do-it-yourself]
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Il a declare, ce jeudi 1er mars 2018 sur Shems FM , que Chahed fait dans [beaucoup moins que] la gestion au jour le jour [beaucoup plus grand que] et propose des recettes qui relevent plus du [beaucoup moins que] bricolage [beaucoup plus grand que] que de solutions efficaces pour resoudre en profondeur les problemes, tels que les remous au sein de l'enseignement secondaire ou dans le bassin minier.
s plus de dix ans d'existence, le secteur du bricolage amor une nouvelle phase dans son dAaAaAeA@veloppement, le tout sur fond de dominati du marchAaAaAeA@ traditionnel (quincaillerie, droguerie).
Looking in turn at contexts and debates and Tylor beyond the canon, they consider such topics as the debate between Tylor and Andrew Lang over the theory of primitive monotheism: implications for contemporary studies of indigenous religions, theorizing from the 19th to the 20th centuries about myth in Britain and Germany: Tylor versus Blumenberg, Tylor as ethnographer, necromancy as a religion: Tylor's discussion of spiritualism in Primitive Culture and in his diary, and deconstructing the survival in Primitive Culture: from memes to dreams and bricolage.
Mordecai follows in the tradition of many Jamaican expats living in Canada, in that her writing is both a reflection of her Caribbean upbringing and a bricolage of both the region and the diaspora.
Le maitre de l'ouvrage est accuse de [beaucoup moins que] bricolage [beaucoup plus grand que] et de velleites de [beaucoup moins que] detourner [beaucoup plus grand que] le projet en dehors de l'itineraire initialement prevu.
Other machines were more poetic; Tinguely's work was already rusty before he exhibited it, and wilfully made in a bricolage way.
I first saw it referred to devolution in a French journal article questioning whether "Anthony Blair" and New Labour's devolution to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland was, as claimed, a constitutional revolution, or "a clumsy bricolage and last-ditch attempt to save the unsaveable".
The financial condition of Mr Bricolage is not fundamentally different from that of Praktiker and bauMax prior to divestment.
We are also particularly happy about Tikehau s renewed trust, mandating us today for the asset management of Bercy 2, after mandating us on the Mr Bricolage portfolio last December , says Francois Brisset, Head of Catella Asset Management in France.
The Saints crew--which includes Rice's partner, Rusty Thelin, and Jeff Carpenter and Tami Dixon of Pittsburgh's Bricolage Productions--had first met Barnes nearly a year earlier, at a community arts event.
B&Q owner Kingfisher has been forced to drop its plans to buy French rival Mr Bricolage for 275m euros (PS201m) following opposition from a major shareholder in the target firm.
Kingsher, the holding company responsible for B&Q and Screwx, led the index for much of the day after announcing that it will not be going ahead with the purchase of its French peer, Mr Bricolage.