bride price

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bride price

A payment in the form of money, property, or other valuable asset that is made by or on behalf of a prospective husband to the bride's family in certain cultures or societies. Also called bride wealth.

bride price


bride wealth

(Anthropology & Ethnology) (in some societies) money, property, or services given by a bridegroom to the kinsmen of his bride in order to establish his rights over the woman

bride′ price`

or bride′-price`,

(in some nonindustrial societies) the money or goods given to the family of a bride by the bridegroom or his family.
Also called bride•wealth (brīd′welth`).
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Noun1.bride price - money or property given (in some societies) by the bridegroom to the family of his bride
gift - something acquired without compensation
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Otieno became widely known after he bought a Porsche for Sh18 million, paid a bride price of Sh15 million and later held a lavish wedding in Nairobi in 2015.
It was a way for a young man to gain wealth for his father, who, in turn, paid bride price for him to acquire wives.
Previously, the main purpose of puk had been as a bride price for a posthumous wife (ibid:.
Subsequent chapters investigate the role of women in the Iranian Revolution, the constitutional status of women, and the impact of policies on women in areas such as bride price, contraception, divorce, child custody, inheritance, and mandatory wearing of the hijab.
Forced marriages is something that women still experience, usually including malobolo or a bride price.
The First Wife's didactic nature acknowledges that the reader may not know the nuances of bride price, polygamy, and other specific cultural practices and explains them without being too disruptive to the reader's experience, and the reader leaves with a deeper understanding of one woman's experiences after living in two different marriage models.
Bride price is a sum, either in cash or kind, used to purchase a bride for her labour and fertility.
In South Sudan, young girls between the ages of 16 to 17 are often forced to get married by parents who receive bride price.
Just over one in three African girls marry before the age of 18, most commonly in poor, rural families which often receive a bride price or dowry in exchange for their daughter.
AU800) (2) and declared a ban on using cash in bride price payments.
Originally the husband paid a bride price to the wife's father, but eventually a dowry system developed, with payments from the wife's family to the husband's family.
There also have been reports that they were forced to marry fighters who paid a nominal bride price equivalent to $12.